Disjointed thought of a man with no pants

I begin by openly admitting that I am a failed member of ASS – The Accurate Soothsayers Society.

I have toyed with this idea before and for various reasons it has visited me again today.
It is to form a collection of individuals to be loosely affiliated with the Accurate Soothsayers Society. the acronym is: ASS.
If only our prognostications and expectations were realized and reality did not intrude and impede we would all be hideously wealthy and upper echelon members of the Accurate Soothsayers Society.
Once again, the acronym for the Accurate Soothsayers Society is: ASS. I am amused. jcjf 09222017

If you can’t say something nice, say something provocative! jcjf 11022016

I am in search of intelligent imponderable definitive derivatives that are not reductionist redundant or contradictory. if anyone finds any let me know. jcjf 10/29/2010

The sameness of the familiar can be the expansion of the possible within the discipline of chosen boundaries. jcjf 09/18/2013

Relativism resists redaction and ennobles ignorance. jcjf june 2014

Wisdom is the thrice filtered review of the motivations that are the identified components of intentions. jcjf 05/18/2016


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